About us

HICOM Specialist in the delivery of technology solutions for the corporate & SME marketplace. We work closely with our clients and provide them with a one-stop solution for all their IT related requirements. That’s why we offer a full end-to-end service; And always adding value to build long-term mutually beneficial partnerships.

HICOM specialized supplier of on-site wireless calling systems and paging systems since 1998. offering a range of guest pagers and guest paging solutions suitable for hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, internet clubs, billiard clubs, factories, warehouses and hospitals. 

With the changing times and technologies, HICOM has continued to grow and mature, maintaining our tradition of premium support, solution development, and networking services. Building our company on a vision of providing a complete solution with a service and support focus has set us apart from other local companies. We continue to develop service programs to support customers using both industry-specific and standard applications in conjunction with maintaining their infrastructure equipment.

HICOM has been first and foremost a technology solution provider. Developing solutions and Services for our clients to support their business from our original inception. Therefore we have grown as a value-added reseller. We find the perfect match between customer requirements and technology by utilizing our industry knowledge and expertise. Taking care of procurement, configuration, and support services to ensure we provide the highest levels of complete customer care.
It is important to us that wherever possible we offer a full end-to-end service; always adding value to build long-term mutually beneficial partnerships.

At HICOM we are committed to understanding and supporting our customers through every cycle of their business requirements, hence creating solutions that work for today with the potential to grow for tomorrow.
Our Expertise and Products :

  1. Computers & Accessories
  2. Restaurant service calling system
  3. Waiter calling system / Wireless calling systems
  4. Restaurant paging system
  5. Maintenance / AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract )
  6. Digital Hybrid PBX Telephone system
  7. Business Networking Solutions
  8. Fingerprint time attendance machine
  9. Security Cameras Over the web
  10. Accounting hardware systems
  11. Sound Systems
  12. Web Hosting Services (Shared & Dedicated )

HICOM Products

  • Retekess T119 Restaurant Pager Wireless Paging Queue System 10 Coaster Vibrater Buzzer Receiver 2 Way Charge For Cafe Food Court

    1,911 AED2,846 AED
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  • Restaurant Pager Hookah Waiter Call System 4Pc T128 Watch Receiver 30Pc T117 Call Button Customer Service Cafe Clinic

    3,358 AED3,780 AED
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  • 2 Wrist Watch Receiver 15 Waiter Table Button Wireless Calling Systems Transmitter for Restaurants Hotel Pager

    2,062 AED
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  • RETEKESS T117 Hookah Wireless Waiter Call Button Restaurant Pager Transmitter For Cafe Factory Dentist Clinic

    152 AED
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  • Retekess Caregiver Pager Wireless SOS Call Button Nurse Call Alert Patient Help System for Home Elderly

    169 AED497 AED
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  • Retekess T128 Restaurant Pager Wireless Waiter Calling System Watch Receiver 10pcs T117 Call Button For Cafe Clinic Dentist

    998 AED1,143 AED
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  • CCTV Security Surveillance 4 Channel DVR Kit

    Sale! 699 AED
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  • HICOM Wireless coaster paging and queuing system (HI-85)

    3,100 AED
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  • HICOM Queue wireless calling system (HI-116)

    2,349 AED
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  • HICOM Wall mounted 3 groups numbers display receiver (HI-73i)

    1,450 AED
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  • HICOM Wireless calling system set: 10 Pager Buttons and 1 Display Receiver

    1,499 AED
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  • HICOM Waterproof waiter 3 Keys call button (HI-88S)

    Sale! 85 AED
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