Retekess TD172 Restaurant Pager Calling Paging Queuing System 20 Coaster Beeper Buzzers One Key Mute For Cafe Food Court Clinic

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  • Model Number: TD172
  • Brand Name: retekess
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE,FCC
  • Distance of Transmission: About 300 meters in a wide-open field
  • Protection Level: IP32
  • Keypress Method: Touch type
  • Call customer service: Restaurant equipment
  • Waiter calling system: Pager restaurant


Same part between TD172 and TD157

Both of the two models have the touch-key transmitter, it is very sensitive and very difference from the traditional ones. You don’t need to press the number very hard to call the receivers. And they are very light and easy to carry. Besides, they can share the keypad and pagers. So if you have the TD157 in advance. And you want to have the TD172 guest paging system, you can buy it without any doubts. They can work together.

1. TD172 supports the expansion of 998 buzzers, which can help solve the problem of long queues and crowded customers
2. TD172 has 20 buzzers in total, but if you want more buzzers, please contact us, it can extend up to 998 buzzers
3. TD172 has 2 reminder modes:  Vibration+buzzer+flash and Vibration+flash
4. TD172 can reach 200-300 meters in an open place, and the actual distance is affected by the environment
5. Press number 999 to turn off all buzzers with one key, saving time;
6. You can customize the pattern and logo of your shop,
7. One-key pause, there is a pause button on the side, customers can stop reminding themselves
8. Different bases can call the same buzzer, which can meet the needs of multi-window calls
9. Each buzzer has a built-in 300 mA battery, which can stand by for 20 hours
10. IP32 protection grade, can be slightly waterproof and oil proof.
11. You can set the reminder time of the buzzer, the setting range is 0-900 seconds. For example, if you set 10 seconds, if you do not turn off the reminder, the buzzer will automatically turn off the reminder after 10 seconds
Dimension 105*51*11mm
Material of Housing ABS
Receiving Sensitivity -103dB
Standby Time Approximately 18 hours
Battery Built-in 3.7V 300mAh rechargeable lithium battery
Rx Frequency 433.92MHz
Reminder Method Beep/Vibrate/Flash
Protection Level IP32
Keypad Transmitter
Dimension 275*150*35mm
Material of Housing ABS
Transmitting Power 360mW
Tx Frequency 433.92MHz
Power Adapter Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz

Output: DC 12V, 2A

Support Receiver 998(20/SET)
Modulation AM
Package Include

Package 1:

1 x Keypad Transmitter

20x Pagers

1 x Power Adaptor

1 x English Manual

Package 2:

10 x Pagers

Note: We will send the corresponding package according to your order

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T112 TD172 TD157 T113 T116A TD184
Number of pagers 20 20 16 16 10 8
Working distance(open area) 300meters 400meters 200meters 200meters 300meters 600meters
Prompt modes Vibration + buzzer + flash;
Buzzer + flash;
Vibration + flash;
Vibration + buzzer + flash;
Vibration + flash
Buzzer + flash;
Vibration + buzzer + flash;
Vibration + flash
Vibration + buzzer + flash;
Vibration + buzzer;
Buzzer + flash;
Vibration + flash;
Vibration + buzzer;
Vibration + flash;
Buzzer + flash;
Vibration + buzzer + flash
Buzzer battery capacity 360mAh 300mAh 300mAh 200mAh 300mAh 300mAh
Buzzer mute button YES YES NO YES YES NO





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