IT Consultancy

If you ask most business where they want to be in 5 years they will have a goal – in fact, any company with a vision of growth and market domination must have a strategy. But many companies – especially SME’s don’t have an IT strategy.

Do you know what you want your IT system to be capable of in 5 years? IT Consultancy can help you to plan your IT system.

To compliment your business strategy you will need an IT strategy that defines “competitive advantage” and the value technology can offer your products, services, and business processes. The right IT strategy will enhance your businesses chance of success.

HiCom is ideally positioned to help your business with it’s IT strategy through our IT Consultancy service and ensuring that the systems implemented today are not just temporary fixes or “stopgap” solutions which won’t last your business on its journey.  The cost of getting this wrong can be astronomical and is one that any business should avoid.  This is as important in a small company as it is with a large corporation.

Many companies purchase IT services and products on an ad-hoc basis ie “we need a new laptop – lets buy one” However when you start to get into more technical decisions about more complex networking requirements or software purchases, this approach is not relevant. Ad hoc investments can result in wasting money on inappropriate goods and services and time and hassle to rectify poor decisions. At HiCom we take a longer term approach to technology and work hard to ensure that hardware and software recommendations will satisfy the company’s IT strategy for the foreseeable future.

If a company has a vision then the IT strategy should closely tie in with that. A company’s IT system can be the thing that sets them apart from their competition and can enable modern businesses to reduce costs, improve efficiency & enhance customer service.

What do we mean by IT Consultancy? Here at HiComlet’s we know that every business is different and therefore needs are different.  We don’t have a one size fits all approach to IT Consultancy and we truly do tailor the consultancy service to your businesses needs both today and going forward.  In some instances we do single one off pieces of work for a client and for others we have an on-going long term approach.

In most cases we start by identifying the needs of the client – these can be issues which the business is facing or can be visions which the one-off wants to achieve. Generallylet’s we like to get a structured IT Strategy document produced for the client and use this as the basis to move forward.  long-term