wireless paging system

Hotels and resorts are customer centric businesses. With guests demanding the best service available, hotels and resorts need more efficient ways of meeting those demands. You can count on for the most complete and reliable Wireless on-site messaging system to improve your business efficiency and customer service.
The goal of all products has been to increase your revenue while decreasing your overhead and expenses.
will help your business grow.


Solution 1

Wireless Paging System

  • Customers press the call button,the table number will be shown on the receiver.
  • Waiter is able to figure that which tables need service.

Solution 2

Wireless Staff Paging System

  • Manager can call housekeepers when room is needed to clean.
  • Housekeepers are able to notice where to clean.

Solution 3

Wireless Staff Paging System

  • Manager can call the staff when customers require valet parking.
  • The staff will check the calls immediately by the pager.

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  • Retekess TD112 Wireless Waiter Calling System Restaurant Pager IPX7 Waterproof Watch Receiver for Hookah CafeCafe Bar Clinic

    547 AED598 AED
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  • Retekess TD157 Restaurant Pager Food Truck Coasters Buzzer Pager Receiver Calling System For Bar Cafe Food Court Fast Food Shop

    1,778 AED2,537 AED
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  • Retekess TD172 Restaurant Pager Calling Paging Queuing System 20 Coaster Beeper Buzzers One Key Mute For Cafe Food Court Clinic

    1,094 AED2,493 AED
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  • Retekess TD165 Restaurant Coaster Pager System 10 Beeper Receivers Max 999 Buzzers For Cafe Clinic Church Nursy Food Court

    2,305 AED
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  • Retekess TD163 Restaurant pager wireless calling system 20 coaster buzzer vibrator bell receiver beeper for food truck cafe bar

    3,201 AED
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  • 10Pcs Retekess T117 Call Button Restaurant Pager Wireless Waiter Transmitter 433MHz For Hookah Bar Cafe Customer Service

    505 AED573 AED
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  • Retekess TD175 Restaurant Pager Calling System 16 Coasters Buzzer Vibrator Bell Receiver For Food Truck Bar Coffee Fast Food

    1,680 AED2,360 AED
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  • Retekess TD162 Restaurant Pager Wireless Calling Paging System With 10 Coaster Buzzers For Cafe Church Beauty Salon Food Court

    1,350 AED
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  • Retekess TD158 Restaurant Pager 10 Coaster Buzzer Receiver Paging System Waterproof Touch Keypad For Clinic Coffee Church Nursey

    1,944 AED
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  • Retekess TD136 Wireless Calling Customer Service Pager Display Receiver Host Voice Reporting Broadcast For Restaurant Cafe Bar

    639 AED
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  • Retekess Wireless Waiter System Restaurant Pager Voice Broadcast Host 10 T117 Call Buttons For Bar Office Cafe Customer Service

    1,034 AED
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  • Retekess T119 Restaurant Pager Wireless Paging Queue System 10 Coaster Vibrater Buzzer Receiver 2 Way Charge For Cafe Food Court

    1,911 AED2,846 AED
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